Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide the best web experience anywhere. We pride ourselves on providing cutting edge technological solutions and usable attractive websites. We don't stop there! Customer support is where we really pull away from the competition. Please use this site to find the answers to any and all the questions you may have regarding the various ways to watch our movies, our current updates, billing concerns, and any other inquiry you may have. This dedicated customer support site is packed with individual service and helpful information. Please feel free to utilize our site. We are here for your support.

  • I've lost my Username/Password, what now?
    • Don't worry. This problem can be easily solved if you enter your email address and the name of the site you became a member of. You will get your Username/Password on your email then.
  • How can I change my Username/Password?
    • Actually, you cannot change your Username/Password. If for some reason you do want to change this information, the only way out is to cancel this account and create a new one with the username and password you would like to have.
  • I have not received my Username/Password?
    • Normally your Username/Password is sent to you on email as a confirmation of your signing-up. Sometimes it can be referred to spam by mistake so check your spam folder. If it is not there you may use the user account lookup to help you find this information.
  • My Password and Username don't work?
    • First, make sure you type your username and password correctly as they are case sensitive. For your convenience you may use the user account lookup to copy your passwords. Second, check your membership validity as it might have expired already. Third – your password can be banned by our system because of many IPs logged to the site, in this case, you have to contact us and we will solve this problem as soon as possible.
      In case you have checked everything but your passwords still don't work, please contact our Customer Service for assistance.
  • Which browsers is the site compatible with?
    • Our sites are compatible with most common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari. Following these links you may update your browser to latest version so that you may have smoother navigation.
      Internet Explorer
  • Javascript and Cookies
    • If you want to use your member's areas to the full extent you should make sure that you have cookies and Javascript enabled in your browser.
  • I am logging on to the site but am unable to view anything?
    • Do you have a firewall on your computer? Turn it off for a while! It can block your access to some sites so that even if you are logging on to the site you can't view anything there. Firewall can also prevent you from downloading some information you might need. So, a firewall should be disabled for some time. But you can re-enable it as soon as you complete the session.
      Also you may install Adobe Flash Player. Download it, install and restart your computer after installation. Now it should stream the videos.
  • Still can't stream even after installing Adobe Flash Player
    • Open Internet Explorer, choose "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options", then select a "Security" tab (there are seven tabs in whole). You will see four icons, make sure the icon "Internet" is chosen. Then set a slider that you will see below on the medium. After that select a "Privacy" tab and set a slider on medium too. Click "Ok" and restart your browser.
  • Popup Blocker
    • As well as the firewall a pop-up blocker can interfere with viewing capacity on our sites. It is recommended to turn off your pop-up blocker while you surf our sites and then turn it on again after you complete the session.
  • I cannot get any videos to play
    • Probably your video player is of the old version. Try to update it and then restart your computer. If it still doesn't help, you may contact our support department to assist you to remove this problem.
  • The audio does not play smoothly for me, what can I do?
    • The main reason why the audio does not play smoothly for you is that you may have low bandwidth (less than 56 K) which is not enough to provide you with good audio and video performance. You are suggested to turn off your computer's sound to be able to watch the video.

      Also in order to advance playback quality you may get a faster modem. DSL connection will enable you even with better quality! However the simplest way to improve video viewing is to pause the video to let it be buffered. The more it is buffered, the better it will look.
  • Screen Resolution
    • The resolution that is recommended for you to enjoy working with our sites is 1024x768 or higher.
  • How often will I be charged for my membership?
    • It depends on a type of your membership. If you have monthly membership you will be charged upon registration and each 30 days respectively; if you signed up to one-time three-month membership; if you enrolled to one-year membership you will be billed upon registration and then after the day of the expiration of your payment that is after 365 days since the day of your registration.

      Trial memberships lasts for definite period of time and are billed upon registration as well. After the term of trial membership expires the latter is automatically changes for monthly membership unless cancelled. In this case you will be billed at the day of membership upgrading and each month after it.
  • My credit card has expired and I wish to maintain my current membership, how can I update my credit card information?
    • Please, cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to the site once again, providing new credit card information.
  • How does billing work on a trial membership?
    • Each new member is offered a trial membership which works only for definite period of time. When the trial term expires you will be automatically referred to a full member status if of course you choose to uphold with us. Please, note, with your trial membership you get access to the latest video updates of each site and also full access to all the network's picture sets. After upgrading your subscription you get the full access to the whole network.
  • How do I download an image?
    • It's just an easy way to do it. Choose an image you want to download, press the right button on your mouse to display the menu, and then select an option "Save Image/Picture As..."
  • How do I download a video?
    • Choose a video you want to download, press the right button on your mouse to display the menu, then select an option "Save Link/Target As..."
  • What quality are the videos?
    • Our videos are of various qualities to suit different types of internet connections starting from dial-up to high speed broadband connection. Whatever connection you have you may be sure you will find the film with appropriate bandwidth version.
  • Didn't find the answer?
    • If you've got an answer which is not listed here you may contact a representative from our customer service support directly to ask him/her for assistance.
  • I get an Error Code A001
    • You get this error in case when your account is banned by our security system. The reason why accounts are banned is a great number of logins to the account. In your case probably your passwords were revealed and spread over the Internet so that a lot of people gained access to your account. Or, the second reason – you've logged to the site from many different IPs. Don't worry; any transactions can't be made while your account is banned. To un-ban your account you should contact our support service. Our agent will help you change your password and un-ban your account.
  • I get an Error Code B000
    • Your session is expired – it means that you have to clear the history (cookies) of your browser, to re-login on the Main page of the site you've subscribed to, or to try to access the site using another browser.