Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is like to watch Virtual Reality Porn?
    • The following video captures a random selection of men, women and couples who viewed 180 and 360 degree adult entertainment POV videos for the first time.
  • What is VR (Virtual Reality)?
    • Virtual Reality is an immersive video experience. Ever watched a movie in 3D? It's like that...only better. VR is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with. Watch a VR video or play a VR game and you're more than a mere're part of the action!
  • What is
    • is a top virtual reality site for adults only. Our exclusive VR porn videos put you in every scene! You'll never look at porn the same way again. Today's hottest adult stars are inside, performing in immersive VR for the very first time.
  • What do I need to use
    • To start enjoying, all you need is a membership and a virtual reality headset. supports nearly all VR headsets, including the following:
      Oculus Rift
      Gear VR
  • Do I need a VR headset to watch the videos?
    • All you need is a smartphone to experience motion tracking, a feature intrinsic to the VR experience. However, to experience full VR immersion with 3D, a headset is required. You can get a free pair of goggles from us by joining! Or you can buy them directly from Google Cardboard.
  • Where can I get a VR headset?
  • I am unable to download videos.
    • First step is to to clear your mobile browser's cache, delete cookies. Then try again. If you're still unable to download any videos, please contact our support team.
  • Didn't find the answer?
    • At the moment you sign up with us you get your account information sent to your email address. In case you did not get it for some reasons, you may contact Customer Service agent to assist you.
  • What is Google Cardboard?
    • Google Cardboard is a virtual reality platform created by Google that works with your smartphone. Historically--and even today--virtual reality headsets are expensive. Google Cardboard is a low-cost alternative that allows anyone the ability to experience VR.
  • Do I need any App to watch the videos?
    • You do, but we've created a VR App, and it's free.

      Android device.
      Install Magic VR Video Player application at Google Play. Choose your headset type at first launch.
      Download video to your device and choose it in the folder.
      When watching the video choose 180 L/R mode.
      (Note: If you’re having problems with head tracking, then choose Fix tracking sensor bug in the Settings)

      Also you can stream video without downloading it to your device.
      In order to do it, turn on QR code reader on your phone.
      Scan QR code on the video’s page, then click the link and choose your VR player in the window.

      IOS device:
      Install iPhone version of FREEVRPLAYER at App Store
      Turn on QR code reader on your device
      Scan QR code on the video’s page, then copy the link to clipboard.
      Open your VR Video Player app, then choose Stream Video
      Paste the link from clipboard and then click OK
      Select video style Side by Side

      Alternative App for Android
      AAA VR Cinema
      Download the video files and open the app.
      Tap "Play from finder" and select the video to watch.

      Video Settings: 180-degree videos: Side by Side 180
      60-degree videos: Stacked 360

      General settings: Graphics: Distortion correction
      Head tracking: Full

      Alternative App for iPhone
      Kolor Eyes
      Download app to your iPhone.
      Download videos on our site (choose the "GearVR/Milk VR" version) from your PC or Mac.
      Connect iPhone to PC or Mac with a USB cable.
      Open iTunes and go to "iPhone > Apps". Scroll down and select "File Sharing".
      Drag and drop the video files on your computer into the Kolor Eyes app.
  • How do I delete videos with the FreeVRPlayer app?
    • In the FreeVRPlayer app, go to MY VIDEOS
      iPhone Users: Swipe left on the video you wish to delete, then tap DELETE.
      Android Users: Tap the X on the video you wish to delete. A dialog box reading Delete the Selected Video? will appear. Confirm deletion by tapping OK.
  • How do I watch videos on my Oculus?
    • videos are currently supported by the following Oculus players:

      Deo VR Player:
      Oculus Rift VR player for 360 stereo and mono video.

      VR Player:
      An experimental Virtual Reality Media Player for Head-Mounted Display devices like Oculus Rift.

      Not free, but easy to set up. Just download the app and apply these settings:
      Stereo 3D/2D type: Side by Side 3D.
      Screentype: Dome (180 / 360 infront ) screen.

      This option works directly with the Oculus Rift and offers a fully customizable set of advanced 3D calibration features. Follow these steps and adjust the settings for an optimal viewing experience.
      Rift Display Mode in "Extended Desktop"
      Open LiveViewRift
      Type: Video
      Path: Select the video file
      Press Start
      Press H key until you see the HUD
      Press E key until you see "LR"
      Press P key until you see "equir"
      Press J/K keys until equir lat is at 180
      Press N/M keys until equir lat is at 180
      Press S/D keys until Converge is at 0
      Press Up/Down keys until Repair is at 0
      You can control the vertical pitch with Z/U keys
  • How do I watch videos on my Samsung Gear VR?
    • Deo VR Player:
      Samsung Gear VR player for 360 stereo and mono video.


      Check to see if you have the MILK VR application installed on your smartphone. If not, please download it from the Oculus App. Download the video to your computer and connect your smartphone to your computer. Copy the video file to:
      Card\MilkVR or
      Place your smartphone into your GearVR and open the MilkVR application. Select the video you just copied, and enjoy!

      Note: If you can't find the MilkVR folder, create it at the root directory: \MilkVR

      If you still have problems viewing our videos in 3D on a Gear VR, please
      1. Create a folder "\Oculus\movies\180videos" on your phone or SD card.
      2. Rename the video (if it is not renamed yet): "filename_2880x1440.mp4" -> "filename_2880x1440-60fps-gearvr-180x180_3dh.mp4"
      3. Copy the video to the folder created in step 1.
  • How do I install MILK VR on my GearVR device from outside the US?
    • You will need to download a VPN client such as TunnelBear on your smartphone and select USA as your VPN location. Open the Oculus Store and Milk VR app should now appear. Install Milk VR and you can now load GearVR videos to your device.

      Step by step:
      Open the TunnelBear app.
      Create free account.
      Verify account using the link on the email you provided.
      Tap "continue" on the app.
      Tap the button on the top to turn on the vpn.
      Now if you go to oculus app, Milk VR is available in the library. If it isn't clean the opened apps and open oculus app again.
  • How to play our videos on Playstation VR?
    • Download our PSVR videos from our website onto your computer.
      Transfer the videos to your USB device.
      Connect the USB to the Playstation device.
      Play with Media Player Mode v2.50. (PlayStation 4's Media Player v2.50 update will be available for free to all PS4 owners from 13th October 2016)
  • How to play our videos on Vive?
    • Download and install a VR video player compatible with the Vive system
      You can use a VR video player compatible with Vive of your choice. We recommend the following:

      1. Autoplay VR - AutoplayVR is a smart VR video player all on autopilot. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!
      2. Whirligig - reliable VR video player compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and OSRV.

      For more detailed instructions for (1) and (2) please refer to the official websites of both players.
  • What if I have another device not listed here?
    • content uses industry-standard video files and can be played on any video player. Your device manufacturer likely has a virtual reality video playing application. Simply download the "Google Cardboard" version of the videos onto your device. In your device's VR player, open the video file, and select "side-by-side" orientation if the player does not automatically adjust. Because there are a wide variety of devices, it's best to consult help from your device manufacturer. You can also email us at [email protected] and we will try to help.